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Plasma University

About PU

Plasma University is Private non-profit leading higher education institution which is committed providing the excellent university education that enables learners from all backgrounds to become enterprising citizens & responsible leaders, while also promoting economic and social prosperity for the communities we serve.

PU comprises of 5 large academic units named colleges and one Postgraduate School, PU Recognizes the following academic awards.

Plasma University offers academic programs that link the challenges of academic study with the real world workplace. We offer market-oriented professional and academic programs that will equip you with the confidence and practical skills to deal with whatever challenges may come your way. Our innovative hands-on learning opportunities set us apart from our peers.

President’s Message

On behalf of the Plasma University community, I welcome you to

the our 10th Graduation Ceremony which runs on this date of 26      December 2014. You’re Excellences, thank you very much

for honoring us with your presence today. We are highly honored and so grateful that you found time out of your busy schedule to be with us.

First, I must give gratitude and thanks to the Almighty Allah, without whose will, inspiration, blessing and support we would not have come this far. May I also express my acknowledgement &appreciation to the Academic, Administrative, and the supporting staff of PU, for their collective & individual contributions that has transformed this institution from small humble institute into full flagged well respected university within the country.

May I also take this opportunity to express my most sincere congratulations to our graduands class of 2013. Your  accomplishments – the fruits of years of toil – are a significant achievement which would not have been possible  without the support and encouragement of your parents and sponsors, who sit proudly in our audience today.

Graduation day is the culmination of years of studying a particular subject in depth at degree level. You have spent these years studying because you have realized that education is the  est means to attain a good career and perceive it to lead to a better way of life. At this significant stage in your life, you are experiencing the transition from being a student through to a professional who will soon be working in the ‘real’ world. Today should mark the beginning of your journey to change the world.

President’s Message
President’s Message :

His Excellence, Honorable President of Federal Republic of Somalia. Honorable Minister of Education, Higher Education & Culture Honorable Minister of Health, Honorable Minister of Sports and Youth. All Honorable Ministers and Parliament Members present Respectable Religious Leaders present The Governor & the Mayor of Mogadishu Capital City The chairman of Somali Medical Association Representative of the Business Sector Medical Directors of our affiliated Hospitals present our colleagues, Senior Officers from other universities.

Representatives of Somali Basic Education Networks present. All Plasma University Community Members Parents Sponsors and Friends. All invited guests in your various distinguished capacities.

First, we must give gratitude and thanks to the Almighty Allah, without whose will, inspiration, blessing and support we would not have celebrated today this remarkable event of the 7th Annual Graduation Ceremony and our University’s remarkable achievementosf 2016.

On behalf of the Plasma University Community, I welcome you to our 7th Annual G

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